Elizabeth Wessel creates bespoke haute-couture for all events and circumstances of life. Her style is graphic, light and feminine. Elizabeth privileges the conception of cut as opposed to the easy effects of added details.  Her creations are pure and they remain as timeless statements. The materials used are noble. Silks, cashmeres and linnens are the principal actors of the show.

  • 01 Cochere
  • 02 Lady
  • 03 collection Tamara de Lempicka modele COROLLE Paolo De Novic
  • 04 Pot aux roses
  • 05 collection Tamara de Lempicka modele NOEUDS-NOEUDS



Elizabeth Wessel paints fashion portraits of women, men and children. The style is pure and uncluttered. The faces are particularely expressive and the look is strong. The techniques used are acrylic or tempera. Certain paintings are sown with precious silks or a multitude of fabrics for 3D effects.

  • 01 Les portraits - LINA
  • 02 Les portraits - GRAZIELLA
  • 03 Les portraits - MAITA
  • 04 Les portraits - MICHELE
  • 05 Les portraits - HUGO