Elizabeth Wessel breathes Fashion.

As a little girl, she played Fashion, dreamt Fashion, thought Fashion. Her mother taught her taste for refinement and elegance.

She accompanied her mother to her favorite Couturiers fashion shows in Paris and thus, one thing leading to another, as soon as her age permitted, she followed a solid formation in Haute Couture and threw herself into this fascinating career.

Elizabeth Wessel’s line is clean and pure. With her irreproachable cut, she interprets the modern and elegant woman with a twist of “a certain something”. Her models are statements where nothing can be added, nor taken away. They have charisma. She mixes structure and softness with dexterity, creating a subtle feminine / masculine equilibrium. She estimates that the one is nothing without the other and that it is necessary to include a zest of the opposite to achieve a result with character. This is the primary rule of her fashion philosophy. It counts for shapes as well as colour combinations.

Her models may be worn at all times of the day. In a glimpse with a bare change of accessories, the woman of the morning becomes the woman of the evening.
Fashion goes out of fashion but Style remains. Elizabeth Wessel has her own particular style and her models remain in actuality forever.