Elizabeth Wessel’s artistic sensitivity and expression is seen through the prism of Fashion.

In her mind, painting and design interact continually and she interprets her surrounding world with a graphic and uncluttered style. Her vision goes straight to the essential message avoiding any distraction. She paints her slender and vigorous characters with a forceful and concise stroke inspired from her stylized Haute Couture sketches.

The composition of her paintings recalls the settings of fashion photography. Based on the visual effects of lines, she creates a sense of drama evoking the spectacular esthetics of Art Deco.

She plays with tempera, she plays with oils. She likes to   manipulate, twist, gather, drape and sew superb fabrics on her canvasses, thus creating the effect of another dimension.

Elizabeth Wessel illustrates visuals for posters and invitations. She emphasizes her taste for clean and precise lines expressed in many images, drawings and sketches with a disconcerting strength.

Her cartoons are treated in a similar way, following the same aesthetic criterion. She tells about her travelling experiences and her personal awkward and ridiculous situations. They are all her own unglamorous adventures. Better to laugh than cry !

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